Cathedral Island

Cathedral Island

ul. Ostrów Tumski
61-109 Poznań
  • N: 52° 24' 41.19" E: 16° 56' 52.48"
Church , Town square , Landscape , Church , Garden  
Gothic , Classicism , Renaissance  
kościół katedra przestrzeń miejska obiekt sakralny przestrzeń miejska wieża kościelna wieża mur brukowana ulica bruk zabudowa miejska zabudowa sakralna plac przykościelny parking  
water - hydrant
cobbled street


A large square with the Cathedral of Poznań. The oldest part of the city established at the turn of IX and X centuries. Buildings surrounding the cathedral are in various architectural styles. The remaining architecture refers to, among others, canonries from the XVII, XVII and XIX centuries. The Cathedral was built in a gothic style and rebuilt in the same style after damage suffered during the World War II. Inside the cathedral, there are numerous valuable monuments including copy of the St. Peter’s sword donated by Emperor Otton II to Bogusław Chrobry and Golden Chapel built in XIX century in a byzantine style dedicated to Mieszko I and his son – first King of Poland Bolesław Chrobry. Nearby the cathedral a classicist archbishop’s palace is located with an impressive garden in an English style. Closed northern perspective, closed eastern perspective with view over Śródka, southern perspective open with view over new housing districts and western perspective presenting view over the Old Town.