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Wolsztyn Steam Locomotovie Depot

Wolsztyn Steam Locomotovie Depot

Fabryczna 1
64-200 Wolsztyn

+48 506 985 166

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Train station

The Wolsztyn steam locomotive depot is the only one in Europe, and probably even in the world, still operating locomotive depot, from which steam locomotives are issued almost every day to run scheduled passenger trains, most often on the route from Wolsztyn to Poznań, Leszno or Zbąszynek. It is also the only such place where you can see constantly functioning workshops, machines and devices as well as other technical facilities for the maintenance and repair of steam locomotives. It is neither an open-air museum nor a museum created for the presentation of locomotives and their facilities, but a real locomotive shed, which has been operating for over 100 years. Only here you can see a hot steam locomotive almost every day.

The Wolsztyn steam locomotive depot has, among others, the Pm36-2 steam locomotive from 1937, called "Beautiful Helena" and the first Polish passenger locomotive Ok22-31 from 1929. The roundhouse has 30 steam locomotives and 19 historical wagons as well as other rail vehicles such as a workshop crane or a snow plow, dated 1883. The entire collection is an example of a unique heritage in the field of the history of technology, which is an attraction for visitors of all ages and with different cultural competences.

Availability of the place: Monday - Friday 7:00-15:00