Cemetery of the Merited for the Great Poland

Cemetery of the Merited for the Great Poland

Ul. św. Wojciech 1
60-967 Poznań
  • N: 52° 24' 51.97" E: 16° 55' 50.29"
Park, Landscape , Military / Army  
cmentarz nagrobki XIX wiek nagrobki ozdobne mur drzewa alejki roślinność  
230V ac electricity
asphalt road


It covers the area of 2 ha with diversified relief. The oldest gravestones date back to the beginning of XIX century, their compact enclaves form this century have been preserved. Occasionally, burials are executed also at contemporary times. Persons important for the history of Poznań and the Great Poland have been buried there. In the necropolis, there is, among others, a symbolic grave of H. Cegielski as well as the gravestone of his son, Stefan, general Taczak (the first commander of the Great Poland uprising) and Cyryl Ratajski, the mayor of the city of the interwar period. The graves include works of the sepulcher art, as among others, the gravestone of Aniela Dębińka, neé Liszowska of 1889. The central clearing constitutes the burial places for cholera victims of XIX century. A fragment of the external wall from XIX century has been preserved.