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Citadel Park

Citadel Park

al. Armii Poznań/ ul. Szelągowska

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Fortification, Garden, Landscape, Military / Army, Park, Sports hall

Its area covers about 100 ha. The park demonstrates a diversified character – open spaces resemble extensive clearings, there are also densely forested enclaves of both coniferous as well as deciduous tree stands. Its area is covered by numerous paths, historical cemeteries, a destroyed rose garden, the Poznań Army Museum, Weaponry Museum or the Bell of Peace and Friendship between the Nations with the weight of 850 kg and the diameter of 102 cm. The latter is used occasionally on the most important national holidays or to emphasize the importance of events in Poland or abroad. Certain facilities of the citadel of XIX century have been preserved. At the citadel, there is an exhibition of “Nierozpoznani” [the Unrecognized], that is 112 figures by Magdalena Abakanowicz, cast of cast iron. It is her biggest open-air project.