Wilsona Park

Wilsona Park

ul. Matejki
  • N: 52° 23' 59.7" E: 16° 54' 5.4"
Park, Lake / Pond , Landscape  
Art Nouveau  
park zieleń miejska przestrzeń miejska alejka aleja teren zielony skwer rzeźba płot murowany balustrada pawilon szklany widownia amfiteatr schody zewnętrzne brama furta akwen wodny staw oczko wodne skały ławki scena zewnętrzna fontanna  
230V ac electricity
water - hydrant
asphalt road


The park covers the area of 7.2 ha. It is characterized by diversified trees including platanus avenue. The park is divided into a few zones. In the eastern zone we can find grassy fields with ponds and diversified greenery. There is also a rocky hill with z sipping water. In the western part of the park there is an open space with palmhouse (Palmiarnia) build in the period 1911-1912, concert shell from 1936 with benches for audience and sculpture "Perseus Saving Andromeda" from 1891 and two buildings - rundown building of brewery from the beginning of the XX century and building of the former Polish General Exhibition with the gym from the interwar period. Under the surface of the park there are anti-craft bunkers from the period of World War II. One of the bunkers is open to public. From the west of Matejko street – main street of the upper-class housing district with the art-nouveau tenement houses from the beginning of the XX century. Closed perspectives.