Staircase - Matejki 59 Street

Staircase - Matejki 59 Street

ul. Matejki 59
60-770 Poznań
  • N: 52° 24' 3.91" E: 16° 53' 59.72"
Yard, City , Stairs  
Art Nouveau  
klatka schodowa schody drewniana balustrada zabudowa mieszczańska secesja zabudowa secesyjna dziedziniec wewnętrzny dziedziniec podwórze  
230V ac electricity
400v ac electricity
asphalt road


It is located in the building of the beginning of XX century. It was renovated according to instructions of the restorer of monuments, with the preservation of the original detail and colors. Balusters, protective spats, flies of the staircase have been preserved or renovated. There is a mini courtyard between the front house and the back house – a well with renovated internal façades of the building. The house to which the staircase belongs constitutes one of the element of the Johow-Gelände urban layout executed in first years of XX century, which was intended to meet housing requirements of high rank German officials and freelancers. Apartments were spacious, up top 360 m², fitted, among others, with central heating. There is the Wilson Park on the opposite side of the street.