Kolejowa Street

Kolejowa Street

ul. Kolejowa
60-717 Poznań
  • N: 52° 23' 35.58" E: 16° 54' 19.69"
Yard, City , Buildings , Garden , Housing estate  
Art Nouveau  
ulica, dziedziniec, podwórze, ogród, osiedle, zabudowa, z, cegły, zabudowa, robotnicza, dawna, zabudowa, brukowana, ulica, bruk, kominy, krajobraz, przemysłowy, stara, klatka, schodowa, zaniedbana, klatka, schodowa, barak, komórka, dzielnica, przemysłowa, brama, osiedle  


1300‑meter long street directed from north to south. In XIX century, it constituted a part of a transport route connecting the edges of the Łazarz village, from the contemporary Wildecki Market, with the Górczyn village. The existing development is diversified ranging from the development dating back to the second half of XIX century to the contemporary development. South side open with a square adjacent to allotments. The west frontage developed with a compact architecture of the sixties of XX century and tenements of the turning of XIX and XX centuries, whereas,  the east frontage developed with several residential houses constructed for the needs of the railway personnel  constituting a compact and consequent entirety  from an architectonic perspective. Buildings are made of red clinker bricks. Small gardens have been staked out for each resident. Outbuildings in courtyards present partially preserved architecture.   PL