Jordan bishop Bridge

Jordan bishop Bridge

  • N: 52° 24' 41.79" E: 16° 57' 3.14"
River , Street , Bridge  
Art Nouveau  
akwen rzeka most przestrzeń miejska brukowana ulica brukowany most akwen wodny katedra kościół kamienice przestrzeń miejska  
cobbled street


72 m long and 14.8 m wide, directed from east to west. The stylized contemporary pavement of the roadway. The bridge connects Ostrów Tumski /Cathedra Island (the cathedral), through the Ostrówek Street (the development from the turning of XIX and XX centuries), with Śródka (the development ranging from the gothic Saint Margaret Church, through the developments of XVIII, XIX and XX centuries until contemporary times). East perspective close with the Ostrówek Street and the Śródka Street, west perspective closed with the Ostrów Tumski /Cathedral Island with the re-gothisated cathedral. North perspective to the Warta River embankments and industrial facilities of XIX and XX centuries, and south perspective to the Warta River, districts constructed in the second half of XX century and XXI century as well as the Old Part of the City. The bridge span transferred from the Roch Bridge dismantled to pieces in 2007.