Poznań Film Commission (PFC) is a film office of the City of Poznań operating within the structures of “Estrada Poznańska” [the Poznań Stage] - a Poznań institution of culture. Its main task is to facilitate the organization of film, television and commercials production in Poznań.

The work of PFC is centred around:

Information - the office provides information about technical resources (database of equipment, companies and professionals) and offers a rich base of city locations (interiors, apartments, landscapes). It also provides information on formal requirements set by the city services, procedures related to roadblocks and drone flights, it determines ownership of land within the administrative borders of the city in the context of intended location. It also helps producers logistically by finding accommodation, providing additional film services (casting, equipment rental, props) and other services necessary for the production of film (catering, transport).

Production/Co-production - PFC assists in quick and efficient dealing with formalities as well as obtaining permits required to establish a particular film set (writing recommendations, applications, letters) in the City of Poznań and Poznań Metropolis by working closely with government officials, city entities and neighbouring municipalities. In case of bigger productions, it acts as an intermediary in negotiations with municipal entities or private facilities managers. PFC assists in finding the best film location (location scouting) and obtaining the appropriate permits (under expedited procedure). It also facilitates cooperation with the uniformed services (information to the Police, Municipal Police, Fire Brigade).

Financial support - through the Regional Film Fund Poznań which, as a co-producer, provides funds for production and post-production of film projects (information on the terms of support is provided by PFC).

Promoting the film potential of the city - among producers, film directors, set designers, both in Poland and abroad, through participation in industry meetings, festivals, conferences, and film location fairs.

Poznań Film Commission is a member of the National Chamber of Audiovisual Producers and works closely with the Film Commission Poland.