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A world that flew on the back of a cow

A world that flew on the back of a cow

Year of production: 2017

Category: Short animation Producer's country: Poland Director Wojtek Hoffmann



The film deals with the real situation of people living on the roads of the developing world. Their lives do not get better when they build a bypass or highway, because they only separate them from the world. Cars are a symbol of the momentum of modern civilization. Massive car movement transforms our environment into difficult communication channels. People, animals and trees are superfluous in the landscape. They are a threat to the desired smooth flow of traffic. Animation is created in the innovative 3d printing technique. This will probably be the first of its kind in Poland. At the same time, this is the official debut of Wojciech A. Hoffmann, who for so many years has carried out experimental animations and music videos for independent Polish musicians and has been dealing with audio.