The film office of the city of Poznań

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Habaja Film

Junikowska 45B/2
60-163 Poznań


We talk with our heads ... because that's where ideas for film stories that we produce in Habaja Film are born. We create stories and discover what is hidden and invisible. We reach for original solutions with curiosity to turn the idea into a movie. We express ourselves through our films, which is why we most often reach for new undiscovered paths so that only miniature works of which we will be truly proud are created in our company.

Creative people who run a film production studio. What characterizes us is the minimalist film stories produced from beginning to end. In Habaja, the film is based on simple stories, snapshots and fleeting moments, thanks to which our clients get what they care about most - viewers' attention and an emotional message. We create with people in mind. Our films are about them and for them. Together we will tell you about your product, company, and life. Take the first step and ...

Services (PL)

  • Product films / explaining video – a story about a product from the user’s point of view, explaining how much the product you produce is important for the user, why does he need it?
  • Documentary films/reportages – we use them for human experience, we show experiences, events, and emotions.
  • Advertising spots – a source of endless creativity and inspiration. We approach each film individually, focusing on the goals and values of our clients.
  • Instructional videos – we show in an out-of-the-way way what appears to be of little interest.
  • Music videos – it is a unity of image and music. Must match and period.
  • Book trailers – we bring books to life. We add color to them, intrigue and captivate with the image of future readers. Sometimes we vacuum and promote effectively.
  • Scenarios – this is the basis of the film because the story counts for us.
  • 360 movies – is a space where you can sink, regardless of whether you are
  • a developer, interior architect or entrepreneur from any other industry.
  • Podcasts – radio broadcasts that will help win the favor of the industry and promote the brand.
  • Webinars – lectures and training in one are an additional source of knowledge and income for your company.
  • Animations – 2D and 3D.
  • FIXER premises for foreign producers and directors of documentary films and reportages.


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