Film education

Poznań, as a large business and science centre, is a place where the need to educate generations of young and talented craftsmen of a broadly understood filmmaking art is very strong.

Nowadays, the film is becoming a modern tool of an important social message. It can be used as a form of information, promotion or advertising, element of image building for companies and brands, but it may also serve as a good entertainment or interesting and inspiring story.

In Poznań you will find the following subjects and courses that will prepare you to work in the profession or will introduce you to the issues and themes of film, commercials and television production:

1.Film Production at the Collegium da Vinci

This field of study ensures comprehensive preparation for the job of the producer in terms of filming, production of television programmes and commercials.

2.STA Film Faculty

The faculty prepares students to work as a director and cinematographer.

3."Experimental Film" - Intermedia, Multimedia Communication Department, University of Arts in Poznań

The education programme includes introductory classes in photography, video, information technology and multimedia, as well as sonology.

4.New Media - Faculty of Political Science and Journalism at the Adam Mickiewicz University

We focus on innovative teaching which, combined with expertise of our teachers, modern classrooms, own television and radio studios as well as richly equipped computer labs, will allow you to complete a course of study to find employment in the media industry, advertising and business.

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