Dębina Forest Park

Dębina Forest Park

ul. Ku Dębinie 2
61-492 Poznań
  • N: 52° 22' 5.13" E: 16° 55' 23.73"
Park, Lake / Pond , Sports hall , Landscape  
teren zielony park las akwen wodny staw most murowany most murowany wiadukt mur łuk wysoki łuk  
asphalt road


The area of the park covers about 80 ha. The Park constitutes the resting place for inhabitants of Poznań. An attraction of the park is the villa of Duchess Louise, the wife of Duke Antoni Radziwiłł, the governor of the King of Prussia in the Great Poland Region in years 1815-1831. The park is forested mainly with deciduous forest – the remaining of the riparian forests. There are over 400 hundred-year old oaks. It is a permanent habitat for about 50 species of birds. The lakes are oxbow lakes rich in various species of fish. Numerous species of vascular plants, lichens, mosses and fungi. The area is very diversified – from open glades and uncovered lake banks to thick forestation. The area of the park includes meanders and bends of the river. There are developments of a forester’s lodge and a railway viaduct.