Corpus Christi Cemetery - Bluszczowa Street

Corpus Christi Cemetery - Bluszczowa Street

ul. Bluszczowa 14
61-478 Poznań
  • N: 52° 22' 30.74" E: 16° 54' 48.42"
Park, Cemetery , Landscape , Military / Army  
cmentarz nagrobki brama wjazdowa kostnica dom ogrodnika wozownia budynek piaskowiec styl neobarokowy drzewa alejki  
230V ac electricity
asphalt road


A historical necropolis of the Corpus Christi catholic parish established in 1912. It covers the area of 8.6 ha. Apart from graves, there are small architecture facilities, a gate, a morgue in the neo-baroque style. For 33 years, until 2001, the cemetery was not available for burial purposes. After re-launching, it was renovated and tree-covered, regular alleys were subjected to rehabilitation. It demonstrates a park arrangement. Quarters of graves are detached. There are no historically consequent enclaves detached. Gravestones date back to various periods ranging from the establishment of the cemetery until recent times. Most of them present surnames typical for inhabitants of the Great Poland and the Poznań Bambers.