Alfa Skyscrapers

Alfa Skyscrapers

ul. Św. Marcin 52/56
61-812 Poznań
  • N: 52° 24' 24.64" E: 16° 55' 23.69"
Skyscraper , Yard, Buildings , Office  
Modernism , Art Nouveau , 19th century , 20th century  
wieżowiec szklana elewacja kompleks budynków biurowce przestrzeń miejska podwórko miejski dziedziniec centrum miasta zabudowa miejska  
water - hydrant
asphalt road


A sequence of twelve-storey skyscrapers at the Świętego Marcina Street, one of the main arteries of the city. The skyscrapers were constructed in years 1965‑1972. According to the intention of designers the sequence of skyscrapers was supposed to constitute a commercial and business center of Poznań. Ground floors are occupied service, commercial and financial companies. Offices demonstrate various sizes and standards; ranging from small ones furnished with equipment of the seventies of XX century, to spacious ones with modern technical devices. Facilities in hinterland area are in a great part devastated. There is a series of tenements in the frontage in front of skyscrapers.