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MotoCrane Ultra. This beast is a mobile and remote-controlled camera crane that can be mounted on a car (or elsewhere) and offers a huge 12 '' (3.66 m) arm range, active gyroscope stabilization and passive 3-axis vibration damping. In addition, it can handle huge loads weighing up to 55 kg / 25 kg! The whole is packed in several boxes with a total weight of only 72.5 kg. It is quite light compared to the requirements that MotoCrane ULTRA must meet when you perform fast driving between cars with it. The arm itself is actively gyroscopically stabilized, and the additional adjustable passive 3-axis attenuation isolates the camera head from the shoulder itself. So there is no need for an additional stabilizing mount. Speaking of the camera head: MotoCrane ULTRA is able to support giant gimbal systems such as MoVI XL, MoVI Pro, DJI Ronin 2 or Shotover G1. MotoCrane ULTRA is mounted to TÜV-certified (Technischer Überwachungs Verein - German Association of Technical Inspection) terminals. This way you can mount the arm almost anywhere: on a boat, truck, sports car, anywhere. In addition, the device can be quickly mounted with just a few suction cups. It is worth, however, test it earlier

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