TV Studio Animated Films Ltd.

Scope of services

  • art design for the film
  • making storyboards
  • cell, cut-out, painted, 2D animation
  • decorations
  • making motion graphics
  • photos, compositing
  • video and sound editing

About Us

Over a period of 35 years, the team of the Poznań Studio has made 300 short- and mid-length animated films, which received a total of 183 awards and commendations at national and international film festivals, including 21 awards granted by the Children’s Jury, 10 awards granted to TV SFA for its achievements in animation production, 5 press awards and 10 letters of congratulations, including from the President of the Republic of Poland, Mayor of the City of Poznań and Director of the Polish Film Art Institute.Films made by the Poznań Studio were shown at over 1 900 festivals and special shows all around the world.


More than 30 years of experience in the production of animated films, techniques of cell, cut-out, painted, combined, loose matter and 2D animation.

Contact person: Ewa Sobolewska
tel: 606454962