TR AKCJA film studio

Scope of services

Graphic design studio. Post-industrial space with staff facilities: kitchen, dressing room, make-up stands, room for the team, toilet.

About Us

Highly functional studio with a unique, post-industrial climate.

The specific atmosphere of the place also inspires and allows to rest after a hard and exhausting session. TRAKCJA Studio is not only an atmospheric loft, but it is primarily functional and practical photography and film studio with all the elements necessary to make a good shot.

It is 11 m long with a possibility to expand the space up to 5 m in each direction to conveniently build a set and illuminate it.

The studio has all the infrastructure that makes it easier to operate at high speed.

Kitchen - constitutes a work of art in itself - it shows a designer's touch with everything you need to keep your energy going. Good coffee, refrigerator, juices, etc.

Room for the team and the equipment works well as a space for monitors, previews, and all equipment that might interfere on the set. There are also comfortable couches allowing to stay focused.

Dressing room - it is a functional, open space near the studio where you will find a dressing table, hangers and everything needed to prepare the clothes after the trip.

Toilet - together with kitchen and hall it forms an example of designer show off.

In the studio there are also guest rooms with a shower and chill-out space in front of the entrance, constituting, especially in summer, an excellent space for deliberations of all teams.

In front of the studio there is a parking lot monitored around the clock, it is under the protection of the security company, SOLID. High speed Internet, Wi-Fi, close access to a variety of restaurants and pizzerias, whose leaflets you can find in the studio.

Location - proximity to the highway makes it easy to reach us from any place avoiding traffic jams.

Summing up:

you can say that this studio is just likeable, if you come once you will come back.

Contact person:

Tomasz Kalit
505 66 41 66


Cooperation with:

  • TP SA
  • Tyskie
  • Natur Caps
  • European Social Fund
  • GPD
  • Chromatique