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Scope of services

Comprehensive support of film production:

idea, creation, cost estimation, documentation and organization of production

photo shoots indoors, outdoors and in natural surroundings with a wide range of photographic techniques: cameras up to 5K, camera crane, dolly, slider, steadicam, aerial imagery, timelapse, tilt-shift

editing, colour correction, special effects, sound production, 2D animation, 3D animation, multimedia presentations

About Us

The moving image has no secrets for us. We offer comprehensive film production, 2D/3D animation and multimedia presentations "from screenplay to production". We provide ideas, knowledge and tools necessary to achieve the objectives. We are not afraid of new challenges and although we know quite a lot, we keep learning and developing. We are modern and dynamic but aware of the rules of the market. We are down to earth - we keep our word and meet the deadlines. This means we can be trusted and it is worth to dedicate your time to us.


TV ads, events and concerts coverage, music videos