Scope of services

  • promotional videos, spots
  • television production (documentaries, reports, essays)
  • post-production / offline
  • motion design, animation,
  • design, photography

About Us

SOHO STUDIO is a producer of multimedia content - a comprehensive film studio. From the screenplay up to end credits, we start from the common needs analysis and finish with a cohesive schedule for broadcasting and distribution.

Film is a modern marketing tool, precise and effective - moving image is the language of modern communication.


Hundreds of documentary films, television programmes and reports for national television.

Cooperation with local government units (Poznań, Białystok), scientific and cultural institutions (AMU, Enter Music Festival), associations and foundations (IBE, Green Cross Poland)


  • Euro 2012
  • Stary Browar
  • Art Stations Foundation
  • Volkswagen
  • AKPA

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