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Aerial filming & photography

About Us

We are enthusiasts who love to take pictures, "seize" unique, fleeting moments, explore and discover new places and have incredible fun in flying various kinds of machines :)

We have dealt with photography for about 8 years. At the beginning these were amateur attempts, then we devoured countless books, took courses and open-air trips, and made series of snapshots.

Travel is a pleasure for us in a pure form. Getting to know new places, cultures, tastes and above all the people - this is something that recharges our (not equipment) batteries. We believe that nothing broadens the mind as much as travelling. New places that we visit become the inspiration for the further hard work in which we want to be perfectionists.

Additionally, all kinds of gadgets and technical innovations pose an opportunity for us. The opportunity through which we can realize (almost) every crazy, or less crazy, idea.

We draw immense joy from the above three aspects. Our work is a passion that we could not do without. We do not do pictures "by force", each task is different, it is a challenge and an adventure. This allows us to enjoy our work, of which we are proud.


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