Scope of services

  • Film production (spots for television, cinema, Internet, corporate videos, instructional videos, making of etc.)
  • Post-production (offline and online editing, adaptations and modifications of spots, colour correction, special effects, compositing, sound production)
  • Animation (2D, 3D, technological and architectural visualizations, animatics)
  • Creation (screenplays, storyboards)
  • Strategy (codification of assumptions for creative works)
  • Distribution (implementation of the final product, placement in the Internet, assistance and consultancy in the field of media selection)
  • Organization of film set, organization of photo shoot

About Us

We are a production house with own post-production studio. We specialize in the production of advertising films for television and the Internet as well as image post-production.


The company has been present on the market since 2009. We have worked for customers and brands, such as:

  • Volkswagen,
  • Super-Pharm,
  • USP Zdrowie,
  • Herbapol,
  • Nivea,
  • Credit Agricole,
  • SGB,
  • Orlen,
  • Phytopharm,
  • Lewiatan,
  • City of Poznań,
  • Grolsch,
  • Blue City,
  • Gaz System

And for advertising agencies, such as:

  • Communication Unlimited,
  • Just,
  • Effectica,
  • Nekk