Scope of services

  • production (treatment, screenplay, storyboard, operator services, editing, post-production, sound) of spots and advertising films(Internet, television)
  • reportage and news coverage
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • 2D graphics (design, DTP)
  • sound studio (recording voice-over, mastering audio material, radio commercial)
  • workshops and training in communications
  • corporate events

About Us

We are a creative agency that deals with design on the field of graphics, film and 3D animation. According to the “creativity” in the name of the company we don’t use ready-made templates, as each order is treated by us individually. Additionally as a very important issue we consider communication with our customers, therefore we use innovative tools, giving insights into the projects and enabling the customer to express opinions on every stage of the project’s development. We offer our customers the highest quality, reliability, punctuality, as well as many years of our experience.


We worked for:

  • Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie,
  • Urząd Miasta Zabrze,
  • Urząd Miasta Kołobrzeg,
  • Agencja JUST,
  • Port Lotniczy Ławica w Poznaniu,
  • BMW,
  • Kuchnia Polki,
  • Multikino,
  • DOZ.PL,
  • Kuchnia Polki