Mad Tree

Scope of services

  • promotional videos
  • feature films
  • 2D/3D animation
  • post-production

About Us

mad tree is a strategic production house specializing in film production and animation.

The Film Production unit makes advertising films, corporate films, video for mobile devices and new video forms.

Animation Studio specialises in motion design in 2D and 3D technology.

We also offer wide services in post-production from special effects to colour correction, music production and sound production for made motion pictures.


Zuza Zuza 15' by Piotr Matysiak 2012 (Kwidzyn)
Film: password: zuzazuza

Trailer: Zuza Zuza trailer from mad tree on Vimeo. 1232325

Gniazdo 15' by Magdalena Jaroszewicz 2012 (Poznań) password: gniazdogniazdo

Thumbs up 30‘ by Stefan Łazarski 2013 (Genoa) – ongoing post-production
Film set photos

Latest commercial production fully made by the Poznań team:

The photos made on the basis of the clip will serve to produce a short sci-fi film telling the story of Jesper Kyd.

Demoreel 2012
MadTree - DemoReel from mad tree on Vimeo.