GuruMedia – Visual Studio

Scope of services


  • documentaries,
  • promotional videos,
  • advertising spots,
  • corporate videos,
  • reportage,
  • investment documentation,
  • post-production,
  • editing,
  • slow motion,
  • tilt-shift,
  • 4k timelapse and hyperlapse,
  • sound production.


multimedia presentations, infographics, video infographics, animation, 3D animation, 3D motion tracking, graphics, authoring DVDs, Blu-ray


professional photography from shooting plans, own database of locations. Own equipment to produce timelapse, HDR timelapse, hyperlapse.


Comprehensive placement of video in the Internet:

  • video marketing,
  • social media,
  • Video Press Release - video PR, building a cohesive image.

Film equipment rental!

We work on legal software from Adobe!

About Us

Professional film crew without which the camera is only a tool. To achieve success it is essential to have the technology, patience, thirst for knowledge, a sense of aesthetics and something that experts call a twinkle in the eye.

That is why we have been recognized by major companies in Europe and in Poland, and our productions repeatedly appeared in Polish and foreign media.

Jakub Markiewicz
tel. +48 601 216 371 or 61 8534 610;


Our skills and professional approach impressed one of the biggest developers in Europe - the company TriGranit Development.

So far we have cooperated with:

  • PKP SA,
  • SKOK Wielkopolska,
  • Poznań City Center,
  • My Poznaniacy,
  • Sommer Poland,

and our non-profit activity gave the inhabitants of Poznań a lot of satisfaction.