Digital Alchemy

Scope of services

Our services include guiding the customer through the activities related to the production and post-production of animated spots and illustrations made in 3D techniques. In addition, we offer a range of post-production activities associated with film processing and combining film techniques with digitally generated images.

About Us

Moving picture, for us they are something more than just a arrayof consecutive frame stored on hard drive. Each of those frames are the separate art work created with passion and experience. They form, in the endless rush, images full of colour and magic. We want yo infect you in that magic!

We want to share with you what it most important to us! With these needs arose studio Digital Alchemy, offers visualization, animations and vfx. We are creating images combining art and technology.
Join us and experience the visual alchemy.


We work for major national brands in the production and post-production industry. Our clients include companies such as Platige Image and Alvernia Studios.