Flow events

Scope of services

- exclusive passenger transport

  • 7 passengers+ driver
  • climatronic with separate controls for the passengers + ventilation and light for everyone
  • Tinted Glass + Additional roller blinds on the windows
  • the longest available trunk
  • new, now driven 1000 km
  • fridge
  • DVD with monitor attached to ceiling
  • rotating front passenger seat toward the seats in the second and third row

- film-set first aid crew + amulance

At the disposal of our clients we have sanitary transport vehicles in the form of specialist R and S type ambulances, manned with emergency teams and equipped with all necessary equipment. We also have a ready outdoor first aid point and we provide specialist equipment for emergency water rescue (motorboats and a water scooter).

We provide our clients with specialist ambulances which have the approval of the Minster of the Interior and Administration for using light and sound signals. Additional help with transporting patients is provided by our qualified and experienced team of physicians and emergency services personnel.

Types of services:

  • A physician on duty at the event
  • An ambulance (with a driver) on duty
  • A nurse or a rescuer on duty
  • A regular ambulance (with a physician) on duty
  • An “S” type ambulance on duty, fully equipped and manned
  • A lifeguard on duty
  • A lifeboat on duty
  • An outdoor first aid point (includes a tent with equipment, a physician and 2 nurses or a nurse and a rescuer)

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