Scope of services

editting, video marketing, directing TV commercials, animated logos, video explainer, corporate films, photographer, independent film, coloring, Youtube video. confereence recording

About Us

Film Craft is a film production dedicated for business.

Our motto is storytelling, technology and punctuality.

We are a new studio based on cooperation of freelancers.

Each of us has several years of experience in his specialty and passion for film image.

We work mainly in Wielkopolska province, but we are ready to work throughout the country and abroad.

We have our own equipment, including cameras with interchangeable lenses, recorders, sound, lighting, as well as editor stations equipped with Adobe Master Collection and DaVinci Resolve.


We are a film studio based on cooperation of freelancers with several years of experience in projects such as a film, animation, video-marketing.

We've united our forces in October 2015 with a vision of creating a film studio with the emphasis on history of the brand, product, person, and non-routine film solutions. Our second motto is punctuality. We put the pressure on giving the product to our customer as soon as possible. The third is efficiency which we achieved by using professional equipment and the latest software.