Scope of services

  • film production
  • video clips
  • 3d animations
  • films, film
  • post production
  • advertising; commercials, commercial spots (tv, radio)
  • corporate films
  • photo sessions
  • photo sessions production
  • animated films
  • film montage
  • film equipment rental
  • time-lapse animations
  • storyboards
  • tv commercial production
  • tv programme production
  • 2d/3d animations
  • video clips
  • original documentary and feature films
  • multi camera recording of concerts
  • screenplays and advertising
  • texts writing
  • film montage
  • film picture postproduction, film effects
  • sound post production
  • professional lector recording
  • film equipment rental
  • film campers
  • catering buses
  • generators

About Us

3istudio was established to join forces of film-makers and animators from Poznań, also those, whose names have not been associated with any production houses so far.

The synergy effect embraced such authors as: Rafał Jerzak, Janusz Tatarkiewicz, Szymon Felkel, Aleksandra Korejwo, Katarzyna Jarzemska and many others.

Our productions are supervised by Mieczysław Grębowicz himself, assisted by Monika Raj.

Our aim is to mobilize Poznań film industry for joint effort with all productions, big and small, both artistic and commercial.


During the last year we worked for such brands as:

  • Audi Celebro
  • The "Bagatela" Theather
  • EKKS Lech Poznań
  • The City of Poznań
  • Lotos Group

for more details contact:
Monika Raj
+48 505 190 070

on Vimeo.Ks.Ludwik Bielerzewski TRAILER from 3iStudio