Scope of services

Comprehensive production:

  • Film production
  • Commercial production
  • Video clips
  • Scripts
  • Production House
  • Packshots with turntable

Production Management:

  • Production management
  • Location Scouting
  • Scouting
  • Castings / test shots
  • Production Assistants

Production companies / producers


  • Animation / graphics
  • Assembly
  • 3d

Film set support:

  • Director
  • DOP
  • Sound
  • Photography
  • Characterization / makeup
  • Aerial photos
  • Scenography
  • Editors' staff
  • Sound staff

About Us

We are a film group that specializes in the production of advertising and artistic films. With the help of our imagination, we transform your needs into original ideas and deal with their implementation.

Based on our many years of experience and passion for our work, we create unconventional productions that are long remembered and in the hearts of people. Collaboration with leading Polish directors has led us to a completely new perspective on the production of advertising and artistic films.

We have our own film and photo studio in the heart of Poznan and modern equipment that will ensure the highest quality of production.


Our portfolio is available at:

We know how important advertising is today. The development of the Internet has made it easier to reach a potential customer, but also requires a greater investment of ideas, creativity and technology. Due to the number of advertising films we have produced, we have developed our own style and irreplaceable quality that will allow us to stand out from the competition. We make after movie recordings, green screen recordings, recordings of concerts and events as well as corporate events, recordings of instructional films, corporate films and reportages.

We invite people who want to create unique recordings with us. By producing artistic films, we want to achieve success in the field of art. We operate as an executive producer on feature films and implement film co-productions. We produce short, documentary and video-art films. Our works have been awarded many times at Polish and international festivals.



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